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Thread: Am i doing this right?

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    need advise, all the sifu here and happy CNY.



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    Quote Originally Posted by glyph07 View Post
    need advise, all the sifu here and happy CNY.


    alot things to watch out, firstly if this is meant to be present as a product shoot, the bak gua got to be placed on a nicer plate or paper, currently your paper is the one being used to wrap it so can see the oil stain, and the bak gua is not a complete photo, abit like zooming in to find some flaw.

    picture 1 and 2 got a small piece protruding out, make the photo not appropriate. lighting wise, balancing is nt enuff too

    hope this helps

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    Not sifu but sharing my opinion. Honestly it looks very flat, boring.....Doesn't make me want to eat it (and i like bak kua!) Play with WB a bit more. Slight warmer tone might make it better. Usage of better props might help too eg bbq grill instead of a white paper, a dash of red in at the back or just nuke the bak kua in the microwave to get a bit of steam. just my opinion.
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    To put it simple... it's just a piece of ba kwa...
    Life is like Fotography, you can't develop without the NEGATIVE!

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    It looks like you just that any camera and click the shutter button...

    okay, put it simple.
    First imaging if you are the consumer looking at the product, in this case the bakwa, how will it entice you.

    Just my opinion;
    1. the texture of the bakwa (it doesn't entice me to take a bite)
    2. the packaging and overall look & feel (e.g the paper)
    3. presentation, (e.g the paper, cleaning it up, or you can also do something like bite off one corner?)
    4. shadows (i can see multiple shadows which cause it to lose that depth)
    5. the angle (i dun see effort made in this cos the picture just reflected a bend slight, zoom in and shoot, try another angle and see how much difference it make )
    4. lighting (if u r not using those pro lightings, dun worry, you dun really need them anyway. but you cannot just place it under a normal dining table lamp and whack the flash..)

    Just my 2 cent =)

    Cheers and Happy New Year~!


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