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Thread: Places/park to BBQ?

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    Default Places/park to BBQ?

    Anyone can suggest me a list of place to go for BBQ? Diy I mean, just for 4 person and we are bring our own small portable BBQ pit just thinking about location to go like some park beach or something with nice surrounding.

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    I think if the park does not have BBQ pits at destinated BBQ areas, it's illegal to have BBQ there..

    Some common places with BBQ pits (need to book):
    - West Coast Park
    - East Coast Park

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    Shaoken is right. Open fire burning in public parks/beaches may get you into trouble with the authorities like Fire Safety Bureau (FSB, SCDF) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) and also NParks.

    If you want a nice and relatively undisturbed BBQ, try out the pits at Labrador Park. The ones at East Coast Park seems abit too crowded on weekends.

    Bookings can be done online here -->


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