Hi all,

Need your advice on this.
I plan to get my first digital camera soon but I am not sure whether I should just get the IXUS 400 now or wait for the upcoming IXUS 430?

I heard that that there are no siginificant differences between these 2 models except maybe the pixels of the display monitor, pictbridge and fancy print button? And the listing price of IXUS 430 is substantially lower than IXUS 400.

Also, my purpose is to share pictures through email or internet, and an IXUS II 3.2 mega pixels camera should be good enough for me, but will the 2X optical zoom be sufficient for average use?

I notice that the min. operating temperature is 0 degree celsius so we can forget about bringing our digital camera to countries below the 0 degree celsius mark?

What do you think folks?

Thank you in advance for your time.