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    This photo was taken when the van is passing by.

    This is a snap shoot. please tell me what to look out for in this kind of shoot. I have the setting adjusted and that van juz happen to passby.
    Not sure if the angle is correct.
    Area of Improvement?

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    I don't know what you're trying to achieve with this shot - what were you trying to capture?

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    A snapshot, correct. Missing focus and obvious intention.
    If you want to show the van passing by then panning and / or slower shutter speed would show this. Due to your settings the van is frozen in motion, appearing to block to view to whatever is behind.

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    without reading your explanation, I will not know what is the subject of this picture. Sure enough the van is the largest element on the picture, but it doesn't feel that you want to focus on that.

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    It is indeed a snapshot, and sadly one of little merrit apart from the fact that it's in focus and with the exception of some blown highlights the exposure is correct.

    Now ways to improve the shot.

    Firstly if you are going to make the van your subject then it's best to try to get it either side on, head on or 3/4 headon profile.

    Drop your shooting position to be lower to the ground and either use a long lens setting or wide open. The key is to experiment using vehicles at home to get used to shooting vehicles in a hurry.

    Aperture is fine as the entire vehicle is in focus.

    Now for the really important stuff:
    A good picture should always tell a story, or invoke an emotional response from a viewer. This shot does not achieve that. The only exception to this rule is snap shots.

    Keep on trying, you'll get the hang of it in the end. Good luck.
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