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    hi fellow CSers,
    is the picture on this link below too overly PPed? cause some ppl said that digital pics does not suit when adding film borders.

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    It's really up to your taste. If you like it, then good.

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    in a way yes, but i want to know what others think also..maybe your C&C can help me in the future..

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    If you like it why bother about what people say ??
    No matter what you put up there will be people who like it or dont like it ya ?????

    I don't really like it though... prefer simpler pictures with less stuff in it

    Cheers and keep shooting !!
    I probably collect lenses more than I take pictures

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    my only take on the film border is that if it is done it should be done correctly:
    1. film borders were totally black
    2. border is the limit of the photo, so you cannot have photo behind border
    3. the holes are holes and hence there should be nothing in the holes
    4. the writing on the film is on the outside and not towards the negative
    5. you are missing the sides of the frame
    6. what is the kodak writing in the centre of the pic?
    7. you would not have textures in film negative

    right now you just dump too much into the photo and it starts to look like a mess, decide on one style
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    the stain mark on the lower right hand corner is rather distracting

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    yeah you're right..thanks for the C&C guys!


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