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Thread: Where to go for Photography courses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheatchu79
    Well, isn't trial and error supposed to be good? One learn by making a lot of mistakes right?

    Trial and Error is GOOD! only then you can learn & remember.. Attending classes will help in some form but at the end you still need to go out and shoot... and trial on what you hv learn in theory

    Lot's of resources on the web which you can learn, if need guide then post it in the forum or you can PM me. I still remember when I first learn photography & really appreciate those who guide me!!

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    To me Learning the proper way by attending courses is good.. They will teach U the real Basic inside out.. Learning with lao-jioa they might too advance too some..

    Like me I started photography for fun.. learn with lao-jioa.. But I don't really learn much.. the minor-minor detail that lao-jioa might over look to tell.. They can be a Best Photographer but they are not a good teacher at times..

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    i also need to take course on photography

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    Then wait No more go and find one now..

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