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Thread: raynox vs dedicate marco lens

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    Default raynox vs dedicate marco lens

    I just got my raynox and am still learning to judge the working distance from the subject.

    Meaning I need to get the right working distance in order for the subject to be lcear or in focus.

    May I know if a dedicate marco lens works this way too or it works like a normal lens where u just need to zoom in and focus?

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    The Raynox DCR-250 is 8-diopter, so if you set your lens to infinity focus, then your actual focal distance with the DCR-250 is 125mm. If you close focus the lens, your actual focus distance will be a bit less.. but take note if you are using a zoom lens you will lose magnification when you close focus the lens because you lose focal length.

    Dedicated macro lens can zoom focus all the way from 1:1 magnification to infinity focus.

    EDIT: Oops, I mean focus, not zoom
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    Default Re: raynox vs dedicate marco lens

    With a macro lens, there's no zooming in the usual sense of the word in the context of lenses. You can just put yourself close to the subject (still beyond min focusing distance), and let the AF do the work. But most of the time for macro work the AF just can't cut it, and macro shooters will still rely mostly on MF, or rocking the camera back and forth (exactly like with the raynox!) to get the best focus on the subject. If you're dead serious about macro, and the subject doesn't move, using a focusing rail on a tripod will give you the best control.

    Bottom line is, if you're shooting macro, you'll probably want to get used to working with MF one way or another.
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    thks guys for the clarifications.

    yah, was sweating like a horse yesterday just to take a picture of a spidey on a branch. it doesnt help too that i was a bit short and need to rock back and fore with tip toe.

    and when i finally got it is the best focus, to me, the wind came. argh..

    yes it is hardwork but it was rewarding and fun!


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