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Thread: My first picture post

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    Default My first picture post

    My first picture post in CS.
    Hope to hear from seniors so as to improve my shooting
    Thanks in advance

    Saga Seeds:

    My first attempt in macro shot (or dunno if it consider macro or not in the 1st place)
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    Default Re: My first picture post

    Hi, Welcome to CS~!

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    Default Re: My first picture post


    Please post your pics at respective galleries section for c&c. Not here

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    Default Re: My first picture post

    Welcome to CS
    Have you thought why you shot the saga seeds or you just shoot it because it was saga seeds? The photo don't work for me. Its not in focus & there's no contrast with the pale bg which is your hand.
    The 2nd shot is can be accepted as macro but it depends on which is your main subject. If you are shooting the plant, maybe could be considered as macro but if its the insect that you are shooting, then its not macro.
    If you are interested in shooting macro, please stroll through the macro section & read the stickies & view the photos posted by CS'sers macro shooters. That will give you a very good idea on what macro photography is all about.
    And you can post you photos under the different sub headings
    Take the shot!

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    Default Re: My first picture post


    Welcome to CS

    I m afraid u wil have to post ur pics in the galleries section
    I turned PRO in diaper chg!
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