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Thread: Michael Fay

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    I was in the US on company training during the aftermath of the butt affair. In my class (it is a technical training class where members are all 30-50 years old) the reaction I got upon learning where I hail from was: "Oh! You're from Singapore. Have you guys cane that Michael Fay yet?" And the answer was: "Not yet because Bill Clinton wants to bargain..." and back comes the unanimous response: "What are you guys waiting for? Cane the *******, and his father too!"

    Clearly most of heartland Americans are sick and tired of their Street Artists as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren
    michael fay from the u.s. of a.
    backside itchy one day
    so he wanted to pray pray
    took some paint to spray
    kena caught...suay suay
    he got nothing to say
    so became michael flay
    4 strokes of rotan ok!
    now his butt earns his pay
    til he grows old and grey
    michael fay from the u.s. of a.
    Har Har Har!! Really funny !

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    Default another poem on Michael Fay

    There is an American named Michael Fay
    He loves to take our public signs away
    Sometimes graffiti on our cars he spray
    Until by the police he was caught one fine day
    The Chief Justice to Michael he says

    " A small fine you shall have to pay "
    " Four months in Queenstown Remand you'll stay "
    " With six strokes of rotan coming your way "

    This decision Clinton try to sway
    For vandalism is a game their local boys play
    We should find other means to keep crime at bay
    Because caning is not an American way
    Tried all means Fay's father and mother may
    And even the American press got into fray
    Desperate, the plea for clemency went President Ong's way
    Authorized to pardon, hopefully he may

    Finally, in order that Clinton's face shall not go away
    Two strokes less of caning to Michael's dismay
    George Fay, his father still shout " Nay! nay! nay! "
    Once Fay out of prison, back to US they will forever go away
    We ain't racist
    We ain't sadist
    We don't have a caning fetish
    We just want some justice!

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    juz to acknowledge the source... above poem is extracted from here

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    thought that by going back to states can make a big story and money..... but..... oj simpson story really over shadowed his.....suay sia.....

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    wa, so long ago, you guys still bring it up. after that incident, i went to usa and the people ask where i was from, and i said "singapore". they replied "oh, isn't that where michael fay got whipped?"

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    Default many poems liao ah...

    I wrote this poem last year during the height of the sg-my political tensions in another forum (for the mysians to see), so might as well share it with you guys...

    A Singaporean's Confusion

    Not too many years ago, in 1994,
    In the little island of Singapore,
    An American Kid called Michael Fay,
    Had nothing to do, so he came out to play.

    A total of twelve cars were defaced,
    Smashed eggs, doors dented, bright colours sprayed,
    He took a fancy for the Singapore flag,
    Stored several in his room, six in all in fact,
    An amazing assortment were also found inside,
    "Not for hire", "Smoking strictly prohibited", and a "No Exit" sign?

    Now the law is just, the law is fair,
    You may be the president, but the courts will not spare,
    "6 strokes for you," the judge ordered,
    Bill Clinton pleaded, the western media hollered:
    "U cant litter in Singapore!! You get JAILED!!"
    "U cant chew gum in Singapore!! You get KILLED!!"

    Nine years hence, the western media has forgotten,
    But Singapore's image has always remained rotten,
    Now their attention has perhaps turned to others,
    Infuriating with media distortions, and journalistic blunders,

    But wait.....................HORRORS!!

    Why do we still have our friends across the causeway,
    Referring to poor little Singapore in the same media-distorted way?
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    let's try even older -- who remembers Morgana le Fay?
    "I'm... dreaming... of a wide... angle~
    Just like the ones I used to know~"

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    related to Singapore meh?

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    scary part is... when time to come.. someone's gonna ask.. anyone remember the D70 or that... 300D... or hey! i've got an old pentium4 hung up on my wall... sigh. time flys.

    depressed that have feel old

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    Quote Originally Posted by moos blues
    or hey! i've got an old pentium4 hung up on my wall... sigh. time flys.
    geez, anyone remember that Burroughs 6600? excellent stack machine

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