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Thread: Unwanted patched work!

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    CPL will not help with reflections on metallic surfaces, only glass

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    If you really want to take this picture under the same condition properly, just bring along a full length mirror covered in satin.

    Problem half-solved though until you get an assistant to hold it for you.

    Then you'll ask what settings & etc...

    If you're spot metering, go for the top rim cap or the tarmac infront of the bumper, if matrix or average, +1/3 stop, and the easiest will be just use centred weighed as it is.

    Shoot between f/4 - f5.6 for APS-C or f/8 for full frame camera. Lock your focus on the left side view mirror (I'm presuming you'll be standing on the same spot again as the original picture).
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    Thanks eyes, I tried with the curves (saturation, luminous) but did not manage to get the outcome like yours. Maybe I did not try hard enough.

    Thanks ortega for the clarification

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