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Thread: Singapore Airlines Hand Baggage Policy [URGENT]

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    If you travel US domestic frequently, a 23" won't be able to go into the overhead compartment for CRJs and has to be gate checked. It is ok as carry on just that it won't fit into the overhead compartment.

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    An update to my earlier question...

    Well, so much for getting the smallest bag... I've ended up with the Vanguard Up-Rise 48.

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twiki View Post
    Hi Guys,

    What's the smallest backpack that could hold all the following junk, and still qualify as carry-on baggage?

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    Tamron: 17-35mm

    With modern cameras this smart, it's easier than ever to take bad pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    Hmmm. KLM is one airline I never had the "pleasure" of flying on. I am talking about one of those really slim sleeve ones, not a full laptop bag with multiple pockets etc... Was her laptop bag a full sized one?
    From my experience, its the airport rather than the airline that sets the standard on what you can bring on board as hand luggage. In Auckland, they are quite strict. Strictly 1 piece of hand luggage and very strict on size and weight whether flying on SIA, Air NZ or Qantas on business class. In Sydney, flying on SIA business class, 2 pieces of hand luggage allowed.

    Auckland is one of the strictest airport I have encountered (I don't fly to the US often, so can't comment).

    So, its where you are flying from rather than which airline you are on that matters in terms of hand luggage.

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