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Thread: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

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    Question Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    Firstly, is this:

    okay to clean the lens with? Or should I use lens tissue? It comes with the Nikon's cleaning kit so I'm guessing it's a microfiber cloth, but I'm not too sure.

    Secondly, for the body, is it okay to use a normal rag (wet with tap water) or should I use the type of cloths that come with your spectacles when you buy spectacles? Those very soft types? Are those microfiber as well?

    For both questions, do you need to wash the cloth after each wipe? How to wash? Throw in washing machine can or not?
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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    So long is microfibre that will suffice, wash it once in a while without soap, dry it and reuse..
    I use to clean both my cam and issues whatsoever...

    In 3M i trust..
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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    Same cloth or seperate?

    Because I've got one microfiber (picture) included in cleaning kit and another which my mum found for me (it's the smooth comes-with-spectacles type)... so I'm a little doubtful over which is the "real" microfiber. Lol.
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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    I have 2 cloths, both micro fiber, the bigger for body and smaller for lens. Washing them with mild soap to get rid the oil or grease.
    If you are afraid they are not real, get it from Camera shop. Spectacle cloth is good enough for the lens.
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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    any micro fiber cloth will do the job.

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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    You can use the normal spectacles lens cleaning cloth to wipe or clean the lens, but make sure you use a blower 1st to blow away small dust particles. I do that. If you have sweaty palms, wring the cloth real dry & give the camera's body & lens barrel a wipe, then let it air for awhile before keeping them in the drybox
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    Default Re: Cleaning of the camera (exterior)

    I have one piece of that cloth you have in the picture (bumpy one) - I really dislike it when compared to my "smooth" microfibre cloth. This bumpy one leaves bumpy marks on my glass for some reason.

    For the exterior, just any cloth will do. If it can stand our sweaty palms gripping it tightly for hours, it can survive anything imo ;D


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