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Thread: portable HDD

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    Default Re: portable HDD

    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
    but 2.5 which uses usb batt the transfer rate is very slow right?

    and 3.5 if require external power source, when you're on the run go where find?
    I haven't got a 2.5" and 3.5" drive to test the speed difference, unfortunately.
    You have a valid point about the requirement for an external power source. In this case, you can forget about the 3.5" drives then... too troublesome.
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    Default Re: portable HDD

    If you need firewire, I believe only 3.5" HDD has this option.

    Get buffalo, the price difference isn't that big compared to other brands.

    And the inbuilt backup software is idiot proof.

    U can forget about their turboUSB, it's rubbish IMO.

    USB3 oso forget it.
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