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Thread: Is it worth buying ???

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    Unhappy Is it worth buying ???


    i have a friend who is intended to sell me his SLIK ABLE 300DX tripod for $70. Never purchase a tripod before dunno whether this is a good tripod and is it worth getting it for $70. he told me that CP is selling for $140. Need some advise here thnks

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    Actually, no one can actually tell you whether something is worth it or not. It ultimately depend on yourself.

    Still, a little specs won't help. Click here to see the SLIK 300DX. Maybe it could help you to decide, somewhat.

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    Default Juz get it....


    Looks like you've got a great offer...there...

    FYI....I'm personally using one and was at the verge of selling it off when I send this little noble Able 300DX through a wind test while i was in Korea....A Nikon D2H was mounted on it when the test was carried out.....

    FYI: THis test was done at one of the Ballhead manufacturers test facility.

    ......another MANFR**** tripod of the same class was tested too...and this little black one (300DX) came out with better wind test results.

    Its wind handling was much better and its damping cability surpass the other brand in the Wind test. The High speed drive (fast frame advance) test however is on par.

    The Git** one of the same class performed better than both the Able 300DX and the MANF**** one.

    Well...cost wise.....its obvious with the result.....with Git** coming out better - better joint construction.

    So i decided to keep the ABle 300DX......and still using it......and love it.....
    To knock off some weight.....i reduced the centre post.....length.

    Come on man $70....its a great buy.


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    thnks bro sulhan for your advise.


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