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Thread: What the butt?

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    Lightbulb What the butt?

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?
    I'm a newbie, trying to seek more constructive C&C to enhance my photography.
    - Colour, focus, overall composition.

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    - expression, the candid moments of those silly creatures.

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    - hand held
    - Just a Kit Lens

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    - Theres a lot more to be improved of cos! Personally I find my photos too dark on certain area.

    Thanks guys!
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    ok here's my comment.
    1st why this angle? why is the bird not shown fully, the bottom part is cut, yet there is so much empty space on top.
    2nd, what is the relevance of the pole? it is kinda distracting if not obstructive, right? i would make do without it. or if unavoidable leave it out of focus.

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    Thanks! now you mentioned, I do agree with you. Will look more into that. Thank you so much!

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    to me its like the bird purposefully leaning against pole.. maybe deep in thought... like thinking of some one(or bird)..

    or am i thinking too much?

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    i dont like the pole hiding the eye.... unless u are doing some peek-a-boo with bird intention
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    actually, the bird is really leaning against the pole, thats why I took it within a short time..

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