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Thread: Star Awards 2010 nominees announced!

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    Default Star Awards 2010 nominees announced!

    Here's the announced list for Star Awards 2010.
    Let's see who will win the respective awards..

    Details below..


    Best Actor Category
    Brandon Wong, “Housewives’ Holiday”
    Chen Han Wei, “Daddy at Home”
    Dai Yang Tian, “Together”
    Elvin Ng, “Together”
    Tay Ping Hui, “The Ultimatum”

    Best Actress Category
    Ann Kok, “Housewives’ Holiday”
    Chen Li Ping, “Reunion Dinner”
    Eelyn Kok, “Together”
    Hong Hui Fang, “Housewives’ Holiday”
    Jeannette Aw, “Together”

    Best Supporting Actor
    Darren Lim, “My School Daze”
    Jerry Yeo, “The Ultimatum”
    Zhang Zhen Huan, “Together”
    Zheng Ge Ping, “Together”
    Zhu Hou Ren, "Reunion Dinner"

    Best Supporting Actress
    Aileen Tan, “Together”
    Constance Song, “The Ultimatum”
    Hong Hui Fang, “Together”
    Paige Chua, “The Dream-catchers”
    Xiang Yun, "Baby Bonus"

    Best Variety Show Host
    Dennis Chew Chong Kheng, “Paris & Milan”
    Guo Liang, “CelebriTea Break 2”
    Li Teng, “On The Beat 4”
    Mark Lee, “It’s A Small World”
    Quan Yi Fong, “Buzzing Cashiers 2”

    Young Talent Award
    Boon Hui Lu, “My School Daze”
    Grace Ng Xin Yi, “Love Blossoms II”
    Jarren Ho, “My School Daze”
    Jerald Tan, “Reunion Dinner”
    Regene Lim, Yong Yi, "Reunion Dinner"

    Best Info-ed Programme Host
    Bryan Wong, "Food Home 2"
    Chew Chor Meng, "Food Hometown 2"
    Guo Liang, "Stars For A Cause"
    Michelle Chia, "Stars For A Cause"
    Pornsak, "Stars For A Cause"

    Best Newscaster
    Lin Chi Yuan
    Ng Siew Leng
    Tung Soo Hua
    Zhang Haijie
    Zhao Wenbei

    Best Current Affairs Presenter
    Chun Guek Lay, "Focus"
    Desmond Lim Soo Guan, "Good Morning Singapore"
    Iriana Halim, "Good Morning Singapore"
    Lim Yi Chyi (QiQi), "Good Morning Singapore"
    Tung Soo Hua, "Money Week"

    Best Drama Serial
    Daddy at Home
    Housewives' Holiday
    Perfect Cut 2
    Reunion Dinner

    Best Variety Programme
    3-Plus-1 II
    CelebriTea Break 2
    Destination Most Wanted
    It's A Small World
    Paris & Milan

    Best Variety Special
    Campus Superstar 2009 Grand Finals
    SPD Charity Show
    Star Awards 2009
    The Chinese Challenge Grand Final
    The Little Nyonya's Big Reunion

    Best Info-ed Programme
    Diminishing Horizons
    Food Hometown 2
    Stars For A Cause
    TR - Extraordinary People
    TR - Life In A One-Room Flat

    Best Theme Song
    Daddy at Home (企鹅爸爸) - 男人可贵 - 苏智诚
    Perfect Cut 2 (一切完美 2) - 放了爱 - 郭美美
    Table of Glory (乒乓圆) - 乒乓圆 - 王建复
    The Ultimatum (双子星) - 寂寞光年 - 刘力扬
    Together (当我们同在一起) - 我们 - 陈伟联

    Six new awards created for this year's event
    Favourite Male Character - (Online free voting starts 1st March)
    Favouritre Female Character - (Online free voting starts 1st March)
    Most Unforgettable TV Villian - (Online free voting starts 1st March)
    Male Media Darling - (voting by media only)
    Female Media Darling - (voting by media only)
    Rocket Award (professional judging)

    LIVE telecast of Star Awards 2010 on Channel 8:
    Presentation of Professional awards on Sunday 18 April, 7pm
    Presentation of Best Categories awards on Sunday 25 April, 7pm

    LIVE telecast of Post show Party on Channel U
    Sunday 25 April, 10pm

    **Source: MediaCorp
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    Default Re: Star Awards 2010 nominees announced!

    Sorry, I don't watch mediacorp show. I don't like them.
    Canon 7D with 15-85mm


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