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Thread: Canon B&S - lacks integrity

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    such encounters really sucks!
    Read up mine in the FAQs and Feedback section and you'll see how bad it is as compared to yours.
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    I notice the lack of integrity amongst some of the people in here. Some of them will contact me expressing interest, but subsequently decided to change their mind at the last minute without taking the initiative to notify me. I had to call them only to realized they have a change of mind. Often times, I had to reject other offers because I had reserved the items already. Therefore, I sell my items on a first come first serve basis, unless the buyer is a regular.

    On a side note, I found that most people in the states are not like that. During my time there, I would say most of the deals I transacted there had been smooth and often people would reserve the item for you at the price they asked for even if someone else came in and offer a higher price subsequently. I feel that such behaviors are positive reinforcements and it helps to foster a trustworthy environment which in turns encourages everyone to have more integrity.

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