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Thread: Prob With Spyder 3 express calibration

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    Default Prob With Spyder 3 express calibration

    Hi all, actually i've been facing this issue for quite a while now.

    I use a spyder 3 express for monitor calibration on my iMac.

    The thing is that after calibration, I feel that there's a light green tint across the whole screen, and the white is slightly greenish. and i actually prefer the colours before calibration.

    Question is: how do i check if my calibration is working correctly, i.e. i don't have a defective copy of the calibrator? Cos I'm worried and there seems to be no way to check.. perhaps other than get another one to compare against.
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    Default Re: Prob With Spyder 3 express calibration

    It best that U get another spyder to calibrate again. Or go back to the dealer and ask them to test it out.
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