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Thread: I suck at photography. Help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    whatever he/she is saying is "think before you shoot" - i hope. because thought is the most important thing differentiating a snapshot from a masterpiece.
    What you said so so so right.
    I working towards thinking so fast that it may almost be instinct. lol now still very very far from it....

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    Default Re: I suck at photography. Help.

    Keep on shooting, and try not to limit yourself to just 1-10 shots per location. Shoot more of them, and eventually you will find one of them that looks masterpiece.
    I love macro close-up and portrait photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolthought View Post
    I have another perspective on "just keep shooting and you will improve".

    I was scolded other day by someone who is schooling me on photography. "stop killing your shutter count". As far as I now, each DSLR has a "lifespan" based on shutter count. This is why those experienced DSLR user buyer will ask for shutter count.

    So, again. Know your equipment and its abilities. F-stop, focusing distance, depth of field, what is the possible hand held shutter speed,....etc.... keep shooting but keep a clear mind what it is you are trying to get....
    LOL... me too. I've been asked if I got shares in Nikon coz I just snap snap snap like nothing. I think my record is more than a thousand snaps in four hours during a photoshoot. Fortunately I did, coz lens had backfocusing issues and only 10% of shots were clear. Out of those, throw out another 80% of bad shots and well... I got maybe only 20 good pix. Which I would otherwise would not have.

    I am a firm believer that you can always buy another camera, another lens, but never time and a lost shot.

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    Default Re: I suck at photography. Help.

    Be more self critical as well. and see more of others work. be more open minded when shooting, and try something new.

    The people who stagnate are the people who got too satisfied with what they have at the present and got knee deep entrenched at that level. There are too many examples of fellas who proclaimed to have taken up photography for eons but producing nothing near expected of their "experience". Of course the longer u shoot, the more easily ur pride gets bruised with remarks.

    when u start to hate the last pic that u really loved once, u r looking forward to do more things differently. I used to think that I thought I knew alot 6 mths into shooting. But the more I shoot, the more i realise the less I know. And now i just look forward to my nxt shooting trip.

    Do not give up


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