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Thread: Why does the computer keep on showing 'illegal operation'?

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    Default Why does the computer keep on showing 'illegal operation'?

    Hey there,

    Here's another unsloved case again after solving the graphics card thingy. btw, thanks for all the CSers who offered valuable advice. I'm faced with another scenario, the computer now keeps in showing 'illegal operation' and it will close the current application that you are working on. Despite reforming the system, it still occur..

    Advise Anyone??

    Thanks alot..

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    must be doing something illegal ...

    in windows, most likely the problem with spool32 thingy...try copying down the error message and go the microsoft's site to search their knowledge base for answers and possible solutions.;[ln];kbhowto
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    Ram problems ?

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    did u click the link at the auto ICQ msg contains

    http:// www . jokeworld . biz /index.html ) LOL

    that link will cause you get illegal operation whenever you open any 2 ore more application windows
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