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    Quote Originally Posted by Numnumball View Post
    It's ranking system, a hierarchy, a coporate title commonly employed by the few banks i worked with (including the present one)

    In fact u are wrong.

    Executive rank lowest..

    Executive -> Analyst -> Associate -> Assistant Vice President -> Vice President -> Senior Vice President -> Director -> Managing Director.

    Normally from Executive to Associate takes 3/4 years at least depending on the functions/department u are serving..

    FYI lar..
    Hmm, then how come my HR and managers telling me different story here ..... I working in a biomedical sector btw...

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    It depends on the internal company structure, governmental and the company's HR policy.

    Associates are like consultants hired to do the job, paid higher, but with less severance benefits and career access to the top tier unless special arrangements are further made by title conversion of permissions.

    Associates has it's practice origins in America especially in organisation that do not adhere strictly to the hierarchical structure. One of the characteristics of such company is that there are many work groups / teams with multiple reporting lines and bosses. From the top view, it looks like a plate of spaghetti.

    Otherwise, in many ways, there are little other differences in terms of job roles. In countries that has laws differentiating compensation packages between different category of employees, it sure pays not to be termed an associate.

    But in Singapore, it's pretty pointless to differentiate and the fact that it exist is to facilitate Global HR planning.

    Please do not confuse this with exempt & non-exempt staffing- they are another thing altogether.
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