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Thread: K7 Lenses Discussion

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    Default K7 Lenses Discussion

    This thread is devoted to lenses being used by owners of Pentax K7. Your evaluation of the lenses based upon your personal experience will help others whether they will be of use to their needs. You can provide URL of sites which will help owners to learn more about them before investing into them. Sharing great deals and promotion helps owners to decide to go for it or skip. Your pictures should go into K7 Gallery; if possible; but do show it if you like.

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    As much as I appreciate your efforts for opening this thread, I'd have to say that it does not help as much as an individual lens review or a just sample 'best' shots taken with a particular lens. After all, all Pentax DSLR and use all Pentax lenses

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    As JK said above, all Petnax dSLR cameras use the same lenses. We'd better not start another thread just for this.

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