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    Anyone knows where can I get those photo albums that can hold 400 pieces to 500 pieces of 4R prints?

    Or anyone has any shops with good selections of photo albums to introduce?

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    you can try finding it at popular bookstore
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    Ermm... i need those more professional ones, like the type the Bridal Shop will give you or your Wedding Actual Day Photographer will give you...

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    try photohub.

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    you can find it at many digitlabs. check out the Useful addresses of common photographic equipment/services shops

    btw, this is nothing about Share tips & tricks, techniques, general photography chat.
    should post your thread @Consumers Corner since it is Want to find out or give info on where, how much, how good, what to buy? Here is where you should be.
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    I once asked about an album that can hold 600 prints, and some members pointed out one very important thing to consider:

    With so many prints ... even 300 x 4Rs, the album will be very thick and HEAVY.

    400-500 prints, the album may end up being unmanageable by most people.


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    Found this online. check it out.

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    If you are going to have 400-500 4R prints on a single photo album, then perhaps you would like to consider printing these 400-500 4R photos onto a photobook instead.
    It would be much more manageable and you can also put in some creative design.
    I have done a 320 page photobook (11 inches x 13 inches) with 894 photos in it.
    Some full page bleed, other pages containing anything from 2-5 photos.

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    Thanks all for the responses!

    Sorry for posting in the wrong place.


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