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Thread: Transiting in Delhi airport for 12hours!

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    Default Transiting in Delhi airport for 12hours!

    ello all.. desperately need some advice from people who've been to the newly upgraded new delhi airport.. i'll be there on transit and i've gotta wait for 12hrs for my nxt plane!!!

    1) should i just hang out and wait in the baggage collection area? or should i check out and go out into the terminal

    2) silly question but i suppose i need some ruppees to buy food and all?

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    I have no experience in India, but there is an airport discussion thread. Look thtough it, several CSer mentioned their experience there. May PM them for more detail

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    Default Re: Transiting in Delhi airport for 12hours!

    ive been to the delhi airport a few times and even to the upgraded one. Well, it aint really much upgraded. The shops are basically the same. For arrival there isnt much at all. Only thing there is abt 2-3 dfs stalls, a kopi shop , phone shop & taxi booth.

    Best advise is do check with some of the counter staff or the taxi counter (still within the airport) for some nearby hotels to spend ur 12hrs.
    12hrs in delhi airport is the worst thing u could ever do.

    Dont ever leave the airport and get a cab though there are many. U will get ripped off.


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