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Thread: Where to get card reader with memory stick access

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    Default Where to get card reader with memory stick access

    As above...cheapest i can find is $90. Was thinking of using it as a medium to transfer my sony clie stuff via the reader..somehow..some of the directories are "locked" leh..

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    I use the Imation FlashGO! 6-in-1 Reader which also reads Memory Stick (no problems with my white stick too). I use it for my Clie (MS) and Digital Camera (CF II).
    Less than $90 at Alan Photo.

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    Ok, thanks..there are alot of things Alan Photo sells but not much indication from the website..

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    yesterday went there and was told they are selling at 100. But i did go around 4th floor and saw the same item retailing at 130. Won't say which shop..but Alan photo did mention their cost price is 90+?? In this case, their margin is really low yeah..

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    lat time I heard that Harvey Norman and/or SAFE also sell them pretty cheap at less than $100 but I am not too sure about the prices now....


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