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Thread: Help needed on home printer! Colours don't match...

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    Default Help needed on home printer! Colours don't match...

    As you can see, I'm in a fix... No matter what I tried the problem still exists!

    At last, I decided to print images from the D30 on my Canon S600 printer. Disappointed to see that the printed colours are far from close to what appeared on screen. (Btw, I'm a newbie to digital printing...)

    I did a search on Clubsnap and realize I need a printer profile... something like calibrating my printer first? That makes sense.. But how do I go about doing it?

    I went down to Cathay to check out but seems like the product they have.. Print Fix (spelling?) can only be used for Epson printers.

    Are there any other products out there which can help me calibrate my printer so that what I see on screen is what (or at least close to) I get when printed? The colours look so pleasing on screen but when printed, yuks...

    Wasted so many glossy paper already! Thanks everyone!!!

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    Well, I think there's a monitor spyder or something like that, do a search on that. It's a special scanner which you attach to your monitor to measure the colour values and create a proper monitor profile. I have not use it before and it cost an arm. But I think someone on this forum mentioned that East Gear rent them out, you can go check.

    Well, what colour profile are you shooting at? I think D30 allow u to choose the colour gamut. Well, I shoot and work with sRGB gamut, although a relatively narrow gamut, but it is what most screen and monitor use. U could try to convert the gamut using the canon's picture software and remember to set the colour profiles for the printer to sRGB and I think this will help u get a close colour match between print outs and screen.

    There are also some other software that help to calibrate the monitor, although not as accurately as the spyder, but these could help. One that I know is Adobe Gamma which i believe comes with photoshop, try looking for it in your control panel.

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    Actually, the Spyder and other calibration devices only ensure the monitor is displaying the correct colours, it still does not ensure that what you print is what you see on the screen. That can only be achieved through profiling the printer.


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    My guess is that you are printing from Photoshop. Don't.

    Just use the EasyPrint software that comes with your Canon printer. Does a great job of ensuring that what you see is what you get.

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    Thank you. Flare: I think what you mentioned is only for calibrating the monitor. That's what the person at Cathay told me. What ckiang said is what I make it out... I need to profile the printer. But how do you do that?

    Streetshooter, I printed from both Photoshop and Qimage program -- both gave colours that were off. You mean b4 I print, I need to get out of PS and then use EasyPrint to open the image and print? My S600 is more 2 years old... not sure if it comes with that software but will check. Thanks!


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