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Thread: Ultimate Wedding Trailer

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    Default Ultimate Wedding Trailer

    Jeff & Erin's Epic Wedding Trailer: Save the Date (Available in 720p Resolution)
    Uploaded by The Wong Couple on 2009.11.08

    With only a single upload by the user out of 10 years worth of vacation videos, my gut feeling sense viral marketing tactic by a company screaming all over it.
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    Default Re: Ultimate Wedding Trailer

    photography makes one sees things from all angles.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Wedding Trailer

    Could be viral, but even if it is, at least it's well done albeit in a likable, corny sort of way, unlike some of the badly-conceived and tasteless (subjective) ones we've seen recently.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Wedding Trailer

    well. tats really badass;D

    i mean it. 10 years worth of stuff. tis a wonder. i always had a soft spot for this kind of relationships. 10 years aint easy my boy.

    and hell yea. the studio tat did it? awesome


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