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Thread: Zoom Creep??

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    Hi I intend to buy AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED and stumble upon this term. Googled abt it but only rubber band solution came up. Anybody kind to give a brief explanation (as well as sample shots) of this phenomena? Thanks!
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    The 18-200mm is a push pull lens. The zooming is held by friction, and after some period of use, it can start to exhibit creeping as the friction is no longer present to counteract the weight of the lens.

    I.e u extend the lens to maximum, u point upwards, and it shortens back by itself, or when it is shortened, and u point downwards, it auto extends by itself.

    but not all push pull lenses are notorious for this phenomenon though. My well used 18-200mm did not have the problem either .. (yet)


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    Is it referring to the lens extending barrel sliding down/up with held vertically or downward? If that is the case, most long lens has zoom lock switch on the lens to fix the barrel in place.

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    want to know more about zoom creep, no one can beat the sigma 170-500 or some of its other x-500mm lenses, and they don't bother to implement locks, or some are too old before ppl thought about locks. but anyway zoom creep isn't a deal breaker for me
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    Zoom creep is quite common for any Tele zoom after a period of usage.. The Zoom lock is a gimmick IMHO as you can lock only in the widest possible focal length..If I leave my 18-200 at 18mm it doesn't creep anyway

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    I've heard of so many zoom locks breaking... I'd rather just live with the zoom creep.

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    copy from Nikon tech support website here

    "Zoom Creep is the effect gravity can have on your zoom lens under certain circumstances. The 18-200 lens tends to slowly zoom in or out under its own weight if pointed straight up, straight down, or at a sharp angle and nothing is touching the zoom ring. Most of the creep occurs between 30mm and 130mm in the zoom range. This is normal and the zoom action canít be tightened to eliminate creep."

    from the review of most users of this lens, it will have zoom creep sooner or later, but normally it will not creep when u set it at 18mm.

    the newer 18-200 VR2 have a zoom lock, but it will only allow you to lock at 18mm, not really useful IMO.

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    Below are 2 videos of zoom creep..

    Video Unplayable

    Video Unplayable
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    Canon 18-200 (at least mine) behaves similar to the Nikon description. The 18mm lock is so that the lens won't start extending when not in use (say inside your bag or hanging downwards while hanging from strap).

    Zoom creep can be really annoying for long exposures when the camera is pointing upwards for, say star-trails. At least the lock is at wide angle so more ideal for the night sky when pointing upwards. Would be terrible if they put it at the tele end.


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