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Thread: A Make-Up Side of Life – An Introduction

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    Default A Make-Up Side of Life – An Introduction

    This introductory seminar is designed specially for photographers and photography enthusiasts in mind. The seminar explains the fundamentals of make-up and differences between a properly make-up subject versus one without proper make-up. The seminar will also provide the photographers and participants a chance to take pictures of a professionally make-up model with studio lighting. The seminar also give participants more insight in pursuing more advanced courses in Make-Up and Make-Over courses.

    Seminar Outline

    1. Why Make-Up makes the differences?

    2. Different kind of make-up – See the differences

    3. Fundamentals of Make-Up – Techniques versus Talent

    4. Role of make-up/make-over in Photography

    5.Further information in Make-up and Make Over courses

    6.Photo shoot Session

    Date : 21 March 2004 (tentative, please read below)
    Time : 1 to 3pm

    Just $15 per pax
    Drinks and light refreshment will be provided.

    !!!!Note : Seminar will only be carried out upon total seminar participants exceeding 25 people.

    Please reply to this post to let me know if you are interested to attend. Kindly refrain from PMing me. Tks.

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    May I enquire as to who would be giving the talk, and what are their qualifications in this area? Also where would the venue be for the seminar?


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    Hi, first of all, thank you for your interest. Secondly, sorry I didn't put up these information earlier. The person giving the talk would be Aisha of I'sha Bridal House, who graduated from Cosmoprof International school of make-up. She's the senior make-up artist for the :

    1) Mrs Singapore 2002
    2) Mrs Singapore 2003 (Winner)
    3) Mrs Singapore 2003 (Mrs Photogenic)
    4) Mrs Singapore 2004 (2nd runner up)
    5) Juara Siti Nurhaliza 2003 (Semi-Finalist)
    6) Official makeup artist for Rosalina (3rd album) in Oct 2003

    Venue : 175B Geylang Road

    The venue for this seminar will be at the studio of Orsiris Pte Ltd (http:://

    Sorry I didn't run the namelist thing ealier. If you are interested, you can send an email to to give me your full name, clubsnap id and phone number. Or if you have problem emailing me, you can also PM me although I still prefer you to email me or post a reply to this thread. Only your clubsnap ids will be listed in the namelist. However, if you request for you ids to be kept confidential, I can also accomodate you. finkster, would you like to start first?

    Kindly also note that the seminar will go on *only* if the number of persons attending are at least 25. The date of the seminar will be pushed back accordingly to accomodate this requirement, meaning that the confirmation of the date of the seminar will take place once and if there are 25 or more people interested in it.

    Feel free to email me at or reply to this post to ask further questions. Tks.

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    I'll be moving this thread to the Workshops, Studio, Model shoots forum.


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