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Thread: Edison Electronics @ Sim Lim Square

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    Wah Agent K, surely you remember Bee Loh if you shopped at Cathay when you were in school!

    Happy shopping and enjoy your new digital adventures!

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    Default Re: Edison Electronics @ Sim Lim Square

    Quote Originally Posted by elmzarcega View Post
    bought my 40D there last time.. and i can say it was a very good deal.. look for the crew cut guy..
    and of course.. just like what others mentioned... do your home work first.. cheers...
    if he change hair mohawk how liao???

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    Default Re: Edison Electronics @ Sim Lim Square

    important to know their tricks and make it backfire on them

    1, they quote you cheaper camera
    2, ask them to bring the items and check the contents
    3, they try to persuade you to buy some extra stuff
    4, look and sound really interested
    5, try to bargain the main camera price down without saying you don't want the extra stuff
    6, calculate the total of all the items (including the extras) and say too expansive
    7, bargain the price of the camera down
    8, finally only buy the camera at cheap price, say you already have the rest.
    9, make sure you go with DM and agent K
    10, watch them try to reject you

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