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Thread: PCR diagnostic kit for SARS

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    Default PCR diagnostic kit for SARS

    Hi guys/gals

    Would appreciate any information abt the PCR diagnostic kit for SARS like how to use it and how does it work. Did a search on google but couldn't find much relevant info. Thank you very much.

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    If you have access to institutional licensed database to BIOSIS or CITES, you may want to do a quick search on the topic there. Think the database could link you to the articles you are searching for. I'd seen quite a number of articles on the topic on SCIENCE, but since it's not of any interest to me, I just skip it.

    Happy searching!

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    From the WHO:

    And more:

    The sites that carry info on these will be under the classification "public health". Main ones will be CDC and WHO.

    Is this for a school project?

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    Thanks for the help, guys. It is for my school assignment.


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