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Thread: Where to develop good quality prints?

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    Default Where to develop good quality prints?

    Does anyone has any recommendations on where to develop good quality photos?
    around 200-300 photos...

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    Default Re: Where to develop good quality prints?

    Since you did not spec exactly what kind of prints you need and for what purpose, from the number, I'm assuming normal 4R prints?

    Try Konota, Grace Digital and many a pro's standard, Kim Tian Color. Do a search here in CS or Online Yellow Pages SG for the addresses and numbers.


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    Default Re: Where to develop good quality prints?

    maybe i should i asked..

    Is there any difference walking into any normal neighbourhood shop for developing photos vs any pro type of shops?

    Yeah, I just planning to develop 4R photos...

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    Default Re: Where to develop good quality prints?

    Usually, yes.

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    Default Re: Where to develop good quality prints?

    for Pro labs we usually refer to labs mainly cater to Professionals, they offer their service and product at a premium price, and some of the products are more for commercial use.

    some neighbourhood digitlabs offer quality printing, via using expriecece machine operators, strict control of chemical and paper usage, doing QC on each print out. so many photographers prefer to use them, you may find the list of some or such digitlabs in Useful addresses of common photographic equipment/services shops

    some other neigbourhood digitlabs offer low price printing, in order to survive and still making profit at such low price offer, the lab owner have to cut corners everywhere, sometime quality of print out is the not the main concern, customers are contented with the print out as long it is cheap.

    hope this help.
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