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    Hey was wondering if any CSers went to taishan before..and what are the photo opportunities there...I'll be going there for 6 months for my will be there from march till early sept..Hope to know more =)


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    enjoy the place....its in the middle of the shan dong penisular, well connected to many city.

    its 5hr drive from beijing, or 5hr drive to qing dao ( just a illustration of the location not asking you to drive there)

    from tai can travel to qing dao....wei hai..etc .and you are very near to kong zi home town.....lots and lots of photo opportunities. when u reach china...just get a local guide book...

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    You can visit Mt Tai 泰山. I'd suggest visit there during summer, coz the chances of good sunrise + cloud sea is higher. You can go up during daytime, stay at the hotel on the mountain, and wake up @ around 4am to see the sunrise. Alterbatively, lots of ppl will start their climbing @ midnight, so when they reach the peak, it's just about the right time for sunrise (no hotel stay hence save $$)

    I went there around mid May, didn't hv chances to see sunrise (cloudy). This is what you can expect on the mountain:


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