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Thread: Modelling Offers

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    I'm wondering how the 'desperado' syndrome could be cured.

    GWC is desperate for sleaze, XMM is desperate for money; GWC lures with promised money, XMM lures with promised sleaze.

    After-in-which, GWCs complains sub standard modelling ability of XMMs, XMM complains being con-ned by GWCs.

    It just makes everyone with a camera round their necks looks like he's looking for sleaze and every XMM on fashion parade on the streets looking for fast and easy cash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    educate the girl

    castrate the guy

    it is not good for him after all, he spends too much time thinking with the wrong head.
    You want him not to be able to stand and shoot?

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    well... from the article
    "The sweet-talking con man would then raise the offer to RM60,000 if the women stripped and posed nude for him. He eventually got the gullible women to have sex with him with the promise of big money," Ku said.
    "He promised the victims RM40,000 ($16,552) for one photography session. The victims did not suspect anything when he used only a handphone to photograph them.
    o.o either is the girls stupid, or is they VERY stupid.

    which professional photographer uses a handphone?

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