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Thread: how to use flash lites??

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    Default how to use flash lites??

    Hi can i know what are the basics of using the flash? (speedlite)
    i got a Sunpak flash

    heres the questions i like to ask and will appreciate anyone that trys to ans it thanks!

    1) Whats TTL and ETTL ??

    2) how to use the flash? and i always set as auto but still it ask for the MM like (16mm) whats tt for??

    3)do i need a diffusor ? whats that for??

    4)If i use Manual then what should i look out for? it seems like not those usage without flash where u must set to either + - 1 or stay put at 0 for the indicator of the brightness

    5) When i switch between digital and 35mm whats the differences???
    Lastly, what are the Iso guide number for??

    really thanks for ansing the question!

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    Default Re: how to use flash lites??

    Have you read your flash manual, or even tried to do some research online? Simple Google searches like "What is a flash diffuser for" will get you a lot of info.

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    Default Re: how to use flash lites??

    Hi hammiepie,

    Hi I am a newbie too. But it would be good if you were to find out the information on your part by using Google ... yes, that American company having issues with the Chinese government, or if you are anti-Google, there's always Microsoft's Bing.

    I think members don't like to answer questions where the TS has not started any investigation on his/her own. Maybe you are busy, so is everyone else. Remember back in school, teachers gave homework to students? Leaving school doesn't mean you stop learning and doing homework. In fact, once you leave school, you have already enrolled yourself in the University of Life.

    PS: I don't want to sound mean, BUT there's a reason why there are authors to write manuals and books for newbies like us. If you can spend time trying to determine which camera to buy, should spend the same amount of time investigating about using the flash.

    Wish you good luck. Cheers.
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    Default Re: how to use flash lites??


    Check it out
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