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Thread: Flash Photography - Indoors

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    Originally posted by spilot
    Hi Kissim,

    Well, great to hear you're keen in the Ubin Shoot - err.. but now a days, the weather often play me out.

    To be on the safe side, we should wait till maybe end of this month of May, or early June ( 1st week ), when hopefully the sun comes back from vacation. What say you ?

    It's no fun shooting alone at Ubin, and dangerous even - especially with all the ex gear.

    Please let me know..

    BTW: I'm a Chinese guy, 36 years old, and rather largish in size. Also, my "soon-to-be" wife will come along too. She loves photography as well. We could then guide one another.

    So closer to the end of this month I will arrange with you regarding Ubin Shoot. Perhaps you can introduce yourself in your next posting?

    Much appreciate your friendship in photography.




    Note reply through pm to you..


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    Originally posted by Flare
    Hmmmm from what I understand from his post... Maybe a full manual flash will work? Try to use the camera's built in meter to measure ambient light, manually set it to 1 stop less...

    Set the flash so that it'll 1 stop less than the meter reading...

    set off the cam and the flash... if the timing is correct I think it'll work...

    Hmmm Roy, u think it'll work this way?

    The easier way would be getting a syn cord and with TTL, just set at -1 ev with fill flash....
    That might work but it will be very troublesome. The meter reading from the camera gives the shutter speed and aperture setting for a correctly exposed ambient light shot. Using those values on a fully manual flash exposure table will give you the flash coverage distance. If the flash has variable power output, you can take the flash to subject distance into consideration and vary the flash output accordingly. Finally, you would then have to compensate for bounced flash, which is almost impossible to get correct without bracketing. You will ultimately find that metering does you no good at all, might as well bracket all the shots.

    You will have a chance to manually sync-fire the flash at shutter speeds of 1/4 sec or slower. Remember that your subjects would have to stay motionless thoughout the exposure, and even have to freeze their facial expressions! If you do this for a single group shot, you might be able to take enough shots and get lucky on one of them. If you are taking pictures for a party or event, you will find that the party goers will avoid the photographer at all costs!
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