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    Hi there

    Just wanted to find out what would be the most appropriate sequence to squeeze the best image out of a photo (in terms of sharpness, colour, noise levels etc).

    The steps that I think should be in are:

    Image Size and Composition
    a. Resizing
    b. Cropping

    a. White Balance
    b. Levels (Contrast, Brightness etc)

    Image Quality
    a. Noise reduction
    b. Sharpening

    My current sequence is as follows:

    1. White Balance
    2. Levels
    3. Cropping (composition)
    4. Noise Reduction
    5. Resizing (some say putting resizing as the first step can reduce noise due to pixel binning)
    6. Sharpening (most articles recommend this as the final step)

    If you know of any other steps that should be taken, kindly share as well.

    Comments / sharing of your own PP experience much appreciated.

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    not every photo needs to be cropped.

    not every photo's wb needs to be adjusted.

    there are countless possible steps, all of which are optional and depends on te photograph. working with more photos and understanding what works best will help you get a rough feel of how to identify what you should be doing to bring out what you wish to showcase.

    sharpening should be the final step, yes.

    here are some of the steps i can think off the top of my head, i don't use all of them all the time.

    1) shadow/highlight recovery
    2) curves (luminosity)
    3) rgb curves
    4) color balance
    5) addition of digital filters
    6) addition of texture
    7) levels
    8) addition of vignetting
    9) correction of perspective
    10) rotation of photograph
    11) correction of distortion from lens
    12) addition of film grain
    13) sharpening
    14) clone tool
    15) layer work (whole big group here) - multiply, screen, etc

    as you can see, there is no real "standardised" workflow to bring out the best.

    it is like carpentry in some sense. you have a toolbox full of hammers of different sizes, screwdrivers, saws, the list goes on. do you take out every tool to check if you need it? no!

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    Thanks for the comments!

    If we wanted to prepare the shots for web / print ie shots taken in 12mp camera to print/publish in 3mp resolution.

    Some ppl on the Web said that resizing first would aid in 'pixel binning', thus reducing noise, but others said that resizing first would cause a loss in detail.

    Also, should correcting of vignetting first before wb or wb goes first? Or the sequence doesn't matter at all?

    I just wanted to know which sequence might be better - or is it just a matter of trial and error?

    Taking the carpentry metaphor - if cutting is first, lacquering is the last step, the sequence of sanding, painting, nailing does make it difference on how the final product will look like.
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