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Thread: FA 50mm F1.4 or DA 40mm F2.8

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    Quote Originally Posted by woefulwabbit View Post
    Many lenses for Sigma needs to be calibrated for the body it's mounted on... that's a known problem. Have to actually bring it to their service center for the free calibration, but there's a question mark on whether warranty is required for free calibration.. sometimes they ask for a fee sometimes they don't.... otherwise I've been eyeing the ~$540 price at Tin Cheung HK.

    If anyone is interested, there's a big thread on the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 here:
    I followed this thread for quite a while and was actually quite bought by the pictures displayed there. Then again, I'd have to agree with creampuff. There are already very good options from Pentax with the FA31ltd, FA35, DA35. These are more generalist lenses with their all round sharpness. The Sigma 30/1.4 thought really impressive, comes to me as a sort of specialist lens that is sharp in the center and very fast, suited for low light, 'bokeh' type shots. The thread have many nice picts, which just shows how well people have got to using it, though these examples are really in web display sizes and do not lend themselves to closer scrutiny. Of course soft edges may or may not be acceptable depending on composition and individual preference.

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    I also think Creampuff absolutely nailed it with his comments. The Pentax FA31Ltd f1.8 is one of those... what should I say... WOW lenses! I would not even consider purchasing the Sigma 30 f1.4 in lieu of it unless I was sure I was buying an excellent copy at an attractive price!
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    in the end i got a FA 50mm F1.4 and i'm enjoying it.

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    I have both lenses but the DA40mm gets used much more because of its compact size plus its focal length more useful than the 50mm. But if bokeh is your priority, than the 50mm is the one to get.

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