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Thread: Trek's FluCard for wireless transmission of photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by seii7
    I just got my eye-fi last month, the flucard .... lost somewhere in home, have not use it for months
    Yes, that's the one I is it so far?

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    Default Re: Trek's FluCard for wireless transmission of photos

    It's been more than a year since its launch... I just bought the Flu-card ($99, from Challenger), after going around in Funan Centre for 1 hour with nobody knowing what i was talking about... loaded into my D90, didnt work (so the problem didnt seem to have been resolved), tried the show-all-folder and DPOF, still didnt work... though D90 was mentioned in their website as compatible. All these need to be ironed out before this card can be widely accepted and the use spread like the contagious flu! And with the global player Sandisk offering a similar product (and the two are actually partners in setting the standard for such wifi-enabled data storage card), let's hope our homegrown manufacturer can make it in-Flu-ential!!!

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