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Thread: Possible to use slave flash for a P&S ?

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    Default Possible to use slave flash for a P&S ?

    Ok this is almost a repost of a thread in the Minolta forum. I got the free Benq digicam from starhub but the flash is not powerful. I also got a Minolta 5600HS and a cheap Emoblitz external flash. Is it possible the external flashes as slave flashes, using the p&s flash to trigger them ?

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    yes you may. but you must know how to control the slaves in manual mode... and to balance the light from the master with that of the slave... not so easy.

    why not invest in an slr system? better in the long run i suppose

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    does both flash have any in-built slave flash functions? (probably not i suppose, though i'm not sure) if not, give ruby or cathay photo a visit with your flashes and the benq and they should be able to suggest slave-hotshoe adaptor solutions and let you test any prospective purchases.


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