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Thread: Night skyline on slides

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    Default Night skyline on slides

    yes, the same old boring place to take the skyline, was too lazy to try somewhere else cuz I just wanted to try out nightshots on slides. EF28-90mm, f4.0-5.6, Provia 100F. A bit too blue right? Provia has this trademark blueish saturation, is that true?

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    i think it is beautiful

    which spot u at?
    maybe i can go to practise mine also

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    thanks nicekit. These were taken at Marina Park, just across the road from Marina Square. It's a nice place to snap the skyline, but it's quite stale already.

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    Nice shot, very clean. Which scanner did u use?

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    thanks tomshen. These were scanned by Photo Friend in Peninsula, I believe it's one of those noritsu or something like that.


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