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    this thread is not started to raise or attract flame baits or trolls.

    just some observations.

    attended a wedding dinner, saw 2 photogs, and 1 videographer.

    what happened was videographer on tripod for march in. with 2 photogs covering for march in at the same time.

    got a strong feeling that videographer will be so going to miss that scene. but to my understanding.despite communication, i tot its almost usual or "standard" for the video guy to be roving and be with the couple to get the footage, den to mount tripod and wait ?

    no pun intended, but dun understand why he cant just walk with the camera den mount it.

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    Think you have posted on the wrong thread. This thread is for photo business discussions, rather than discussion of techniques.

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    what make u tink that the videographer is missing the scene?

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    wait i'm lost.

    wad u mean by tripod mount no mount roving o.o

    i dunno but last time when i was shooting videos (which was a good 3 eyars ago), i was dealing with big tripods and those semi pro videocorders. not thost handcorders. video.
    my senior (who owns it) made me run around with both mount and cam. and the shots quite nice. cause all steady. wanna shoot tat time just drop on floor film. then pick up and move. good arm muscles.

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    Some tripods can be mounted on wheels.

    Some videographers shoot different style or shooting different scenes for different editing segments. Some may also work with several remote cams on location. Who knows what was agreed by client and service provider.

    This is the wrong section to post about this.


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