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Thread: Getting a bottled drink without caps - discuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headshotzx View Post
    Hey guys, an interesting thing has happened over in a particular secondary school i'm an alumni of. It's a rather trivial matter, so don't be too serious.

    To prevent students from bringing drinks bought from the canteen to their classrooms, the school has implemented a no-caps unwritten-but-enforced policy. When a student purchases the drink, he will be given the drink without the bottle cap on, and is then expected to consume the drink within recess and throw away (I believe recycling isn't on the minds of most secondary school students) the bottles. Failure to comply, or arguing with the vendor would result in disciplinary action.

    Personally I feel that they are taking a wrong approach. Firstly, there's no reason why someone can't smuggle in an uncapped bottle into class without the teacher looking. Secondly, germs can easily enter the top of the bottle because it is exposed all the time (not good for those milk-based products). And finally, bottles without caps on is a ticket to more irritated cleaners if people were to accidentally knock the bottle over before totally consuming the product.

    My dad is part of a drinks production and distribution company supplying the canteen with drinks, and while he is still out at work, I'd like to find out something. If i am correct, the contract signed between a reseller and manufacturer should state that the products should be sold in whole and not be made different in any way. Would this be a breach in contract?

    hey, mind sharing where the school is?? my sch does that too, maybe its the same sch we are talking abt..

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    If your school recently implemented it then yeah maybe it is the same school. Check my previous photo threads to have a general idea of where I come from: i'm not going to openly state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post
    A slightly different view here. Recent medical studies in the west have shown that children and teenagers exposed to germs, bacteria and childhood / teen illnesses have better developed immune systems as adults.

    Therefore by the above point alone, selling a bottle with the cap taken off by the canteen staff is a good thing!

    On a personal note, If I was running the school canteen the kids would only be fed slops and leftovers ... to toughen them up a bit.
    wow. really the angmoh from hell

    hmm. i'm sensing a possible legal problem. cause as u said urself, the shop owners modified those bottles... unless u tell me is they when sell that time then open lar. its a difference.

    selling bottles tat were PRE opened and LEFT TO STAND: may result in easy contamination. imagine just need 1 random guy who shiiiited and didnt wash hands.

    selling bottles that are OPENED on the spot. i dun see a problem. we drink stuff open on the spot drink is ok.

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