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    1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
    Would love to receive feedback on the lighting and level of post processing. What needs to be improved (i know, the rule of 3rds is not followed here)
    2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
    I'm practicing on low light photography and was trying to capture a sense of warmth and ambience it gives
    3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    I recently purchased a 7D and i wanted to capture something which i can set as a benchmark to guide myself for similar shots
    4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image.
    Of all the similar concept images i've taken recently this is the one i liked the most..

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    Default Re: Vintage 2006

    I feel that the DOF could proabbly be shallower to bring real attention to the subject. Does the EYS in the background add any meaning? Probably it does? Sorry, as I am no wine connoisseur. The feel wise, I think more or less it is there. Is the yellow cast intended or could the white balance be improved? How about a portrait orientation showing more of the bottle?
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    Default Re: Vintage 2006

    I really did not like the peeling label nor the fact that you'd placed a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream next to a cab sav (its not saying much for the quality of this batch's vintage) and distracting

    Otherwise, composition is fine with maybe a little less dof suggested

    Oh, the white balance looks totally off..... since its a product shot, try custom wb off the label ?

    some might hate the light reflection ..... a touch is fine but not too much

    nice effort
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    Default Re: Vintage 2006

    Thanks for the comment(s)

    now that u mention it..i should have reduced the dof. with regards to white balance..its was intentionally done to give a warm/moody feel

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    Default Re: Vintage 2006

    just my 2 cents, other than dof.....maybe slight burning of the edges to focus the eye on the label

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    The collor is too warm for me.

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    apart from the white balance as mentioned, a little less emphasis on the background to make the subject outstanding. vignetting post processing is one option. I am not too sure if any thinner dof will end up making the reading of the label more difficult. but worth a try and see.

    happy shooting


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    thanks for the comments..points noted..will post a new snap for critique soon.. (after i buy a 100 MM Macro )

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