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Thread: Any PnS camera recommend

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    Question Any PnS camera recommend

    Hi ,

    I am looking for a budget PnS camera. Not asking for superb quality but seeking advice which PnS camera is value for money -

    - Compact (able to put in my jacket and take it out to shoot quickly - especially street shooting)
    - Flash included
    - Shoot largely landscape / street shooting
    - Night shooting quality is average or above average for street shooting (not too much noise at higher ISO)
    - Use AA or AAA battery
    - Energy efficient (able to squeece more out of the battery in day shooting)

    Budget - $500 and below

    Thanks for the advice !

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    Default Re: Any PnS camera recommend

    What compacts have you already looked at in the shops and evaluated?

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    Default Re: Any PnS camera recommend

    Check this out...but all >$500...


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