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Thread: how to use flash?

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    Default how to use flash?

    i got a used f601 from a fellow photographer. played around with it. but till now i still dunno how to use the flash leh. can someone teach me anot. what's all those guide number for?


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    flash is a looong story...

    but some points to kickstart

    0. concept of "where is your lighting source going to come from"
    1. manual flash vs TTL flash(and all newfangled electronic variants)
    2. based on 18%grey reflectivity, => guide number = numerical value of aperture x distance from foreground subject
    3. fill-in flash vs "full-power flash" vs ambient exposure vs long exposure
    4. concept of exposure compensation
    5. concept of flash-exposure compensation
    6. leaftype shutter vs vertical FP shutter => concept of x-sync speed, concept of electronic high-speed flash
    7. motion effects: concept of slow-sync flash , rear-sync flash, front-sync flash
    8. stroboscopic flash
    9.macro: concept of macro flash
    10. concept of "painting with light" (tedious technique)
    11.extra effects: filters and flash, colour temperature, compensation
    12 related topic: reciprocity and film behaviour: "1x1000 is not the same as 1000x1"


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    eh, i catch no ball, slowly explain part by part leh. if got extra time gimme examples oso.


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    many articles on the web , here's 2 concerning basic flash and the 2nd deals with bounce

    While general flash techniques is good to learn, for myself found its better to concentrate on how the build in flash / flash modes can/cannot help me seems a better idea ( no choice....)
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