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Thread: Need advice on choice of bodies.

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    I'd say just go down to Funan Center, there's quite a few good camera shops around there including Alan Photo, John 3:16 and SLR Revolution. I doubt anywhere will have the old 5D, but you can ask to try the 5Dmk2, I believe the bodies are almost the same. Don't forget to try the Pentax K-7 too while you are there.

    FF is nice, but you have to be prepared for the big investment into more expensive lenses. IMO I wouldn't recommend it unless you are really crazy into photography, or planning to be a professional photographer, or you are just filthy rich. There are after all plenty of very enthusiastic photographers still happily using APS-C DSLRs.
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    Hello, to get your hand on Canon's wide selection of bodies, please go to VIVO City's Canon Showroom. Staff is friendly. A good place to play around and do testing...

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