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    Default Come to me ....

    I took this photo at Iso 3200 on my E620 in the concourse of The Central @ Clarke Quay on a busy Saturday afternoon. There were many shoppers walking to and fro but none seems to want to take a rest on this inviting and comfortable seat.

    In what area is critique sought?


    1. how could I better convey the mood that the fibreglass seat is there for shoppers to rest their tired feet?

    2. should I have included more of the shoppers' legs in the background and perhaps a slower shutter speed (and therefore a lower iso) to capture movement?

    Appreciate comments from fellow members. Note: the photo was taken at high iso just to see how noisy the results are.

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    Default Re: Come to me ....

    I likes this, but imo, i'll take this photo abit wider to add a few crowds in, with shutter speed ard 2 sec (depending on the traffic flow speed) to make the chair stand out of the picture. : )
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