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Thread: Fisheye lens(help)

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    Default Fisheye lens(help)

    looking to buy a fisheye lens anybody knows a cheap and good fisheye lens for my 500d . I don't mind 3rd party lens

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    Ain't really cheap (aound $750) but do consider the Tokina AF 10-17mm f3.5-4.5

    Alternative would be the Sigma equivalents.

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    Try searching the Samyang 8mm/f3.5
    This one's really wide, it might be too wide for your tastes haha

    Or Zenitar 16mm/f2.8
    Just slightly wider than the 500D kit lens, but produces a nice effect of the surrounding wrapping around the subject haha :P

    You can't find these in SG though, you'll have to get it over eBay.

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    try to go for the samyang 8mm, u'll lose alot of fisheye effect on the zenitar due to the crop factor of your 500d.

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    Okay thanks for the recomendations, i will be looking foward to getting it aft i get my ang bao this cny

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    I too recommend the samyang 8mm over the zenitar because the zenitar fisheye effect won't be that prominent on a crop body. Bear in mind these are manual focus lenses.
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