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Thread: Upgrade tips?

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    i am interested in this team you have... how to join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zekai
    i am interested in this team you have... how to join?
    It is actually from this site, also known as Some of you familar with buildings or general architecture might be familiar with it. In fact, the URA has a link to this site too.

    However, if you want to contribute photos ONLY to make money, then you might be dissappointed, as you will get only 50% of the amount received (the rest goes to maintaining the site). The images are being sold rite now at US$280 for each high resolution (300 dpi) one, and US$180 for low (72 dpi). Its not going to pay for your meals, so forget about stopping work.

    Also, I do not know if my photos suck so much, but I have not sold a single photo yet. I think we would need to collectively build a good portfolio before professionals here take notice of us. Comparatively, many of my friends in other cities did have sales, although I am not sure just how good the situation is. I guess it really depends on how we jointly market it then.

    You might go straight to this section to find out more. Notice the top banner...looks familiar?
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    Hi! I just came across this thread and wanted to share my experience.

    I too have a F55V and its a great little camera, but its no SLR. I've had a old mechanical manual Praktica and a Ricoh KR10M. I've used a Nikon FM2, and own a Olympus IS3000 (a big p&s, but nice lens), and am using a Pentax MZ-6.

    IMHO, you can do so much more with an SLR, but prices are prohibitive. The cheapest is the Canon 300D, and that's $2K! A good 2nd hand film SLR can be gotten for around $300. I would recommend getting one to practice with and see if you really like it, because although it can open up your creativity, its not as convenient as the F55, or any P&S for that matter. I would also recommend starting of with film and then slides, for I learned much about lighting and exposures from manual film SLRs.

    Otherwise, a Canon G5 would be a good trade-off.


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